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About Me

Carol King

I try to bring an insightful, compassionate presence to the classroom. I am skillful at adjusting and modifying poses so students can work safely with injuries and health conditions, towards their healing and well-being.

I am a certified Forrest Yoga Instructor and am registered with the Yoga Alliance (RYT200). I have over 18 years of Forrest Yoga training along with a background in classical dance and movement. I completed my teacher training with Ana Forrest in 2006, at the Forrest Institute, and continue to study with Ana Forrest.

Forrest Yoga has been an essential component of my own healing process for more than a decade. I have recovered and rehabilitated from shoulder, foot and knee surgeries, IBS, concussion, depression and cancer. I believe painful conditions can change and shift towards healing through committed practice, breath, patience, and acceptance.

Statement of Intent

My inner voice told me to go forward and teach Forrest Yoga to assist others and to decrease suffering.

I enjoy working with physically challenged people in addition to those with healthy bodies. I feel my experiences help me bring insight and compassion to my teaching practice. I’m interested to work with injured or disabled students, students with conditions/syndromes. This includes pre and post-surgical, joint problems, stroke rehabilitation, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and Parkinson’s.

I am highly rewarded on many levels to assist students achieve greater comfort and ease in their bodies.

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