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From Megan:

"Carol is an excellent instructor and constantly oversees all her students making sure each person is doing the postures correctly. She is so good at what she does Yoga teachers take her class as well. Sign up for class you will love it!"


From Christina:

"I really like Carol's classes because they have a variety of exercises and poses that keep my mind active and give me a good yoga workout."


From Michelle:

"Carol King truly saved my mom's back. Last year my mother went on a group trip to India. After many hours of travel her back gave out and she could barely walk. Even tho she was able to get medical attention in India, she had to arrange a way to get home. After four days of being held up in a hotel room in a different country and with unfamiliar doctors, she arrived safely back in California.

"I was part owner of a small spa in Santa Rosa and knew Carol as one of my clients. We often talked about her work as a yoga instructor and helping people get back their mobility. I asked her if she thought she could help my mom with her back and she said, absolutely.

"After only a few weeks of Carol giving private instruction to my mother, my mom could stand tall again. More importantly, she could walk again! Carol also taught my mother home exercises and my mother still does them every week. I think Carol is a miracle worker and obviously knows what she is doing. My mom hasn't had any back issues since Carol’s instruction. I would recommend anyone being under Carol’s instruction. I could not be happier that I asked for her help."


From Keith:

"I am a 60 year old male who is fortunate enough to still be somewhat active and athletic.  For many years my wife would ask me to go to yoga with her but I always found an excuse to decline, thinking I wanted a more traditional workout. 

Well, two years ago I ran out of excuses and went to a class offered by Carol King.  Thanks to Carol’s knowledge and her ability to apply her yoga expertise in a fashion easily understood, I was immediately hooked. 

Carol is very sensitive to pre-existing injuries and will ask each week if I am suffering from an injury or sore body part (as I often am).  Carol’s classes are varied and always relevant to the students’ abilities.  I especially like the way Carol will demonstrates a move, then walk around her students, and gently re-position body parts insuring, the student is positioning themselves properly to get the full benefit of the particular yoga position. 

As a result of the yoga taught to me by Carol, I have increased flexibility, improved core strength and decreased hip pain.  In addition the relaxation breathing techniques as well as the cordial and interesting people attending Carol’s classes makes the entire bi-weekly experience one I look forward too."